DZ BANK's websites are given an overarching search center

DZ BANK Suchcenter

SINEQUA and Join support Germany’s second largest financial service provider optimising customer experience with a holistic approach and an intelligent search service.

Precise and trouble-free financial advise

In the course of the technical modernisation of DZ BANK’s multilingual website, which included the conversion to an adapted Content Management System (CMS), the search service also had to be modernised or, in some cases, implemented for the first time.

Taking into account the customer segment-specific as well as individualised offer and sales approach, a search service had to be created that offers the best possible user experience for the various target groups, such as journalists, applicants, customers (private, corporate and institutional customers) as well as investors. Customers, in particular, want a personalised service tailored to them, as with an on-site consultation.

The implementation of an overarching search center

Since the CMS conversion, the content of the main site and the 11 microsites has been provided and managed in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). With the help of an overarching search center, based on the SINEQUA search platform and the AEM connector, a new index structure was implemented step by step.

In order to be able to offer the search service in all portal areas, the integration of the search center with the AppHero framework of Join GmbH was made possible quickly and smoothly, within the specified budget and project plan.

Customer benefits and project results

  • Improved experiences for customers, candidates and stakeholders
  • Strengthening the image of a customer-oriented bank
  • Increased productivity in customer service

“The combination of Sinequa’s intelligent search and Join’s AppHero integration helps us improve the search quality on our websites for all target groups. As a result, we have been able to significantly optimise the customer experience, as a key element of successful brand communication.”

Carsten Richter, Communication & Marketing / Online Marketing, DZ BANK