10 years of Quam at MÜLHEIM PIPECOATINGS GmbH

Quam as our ultimate solution for operational process and organisation management and is the digital twin of your organisation. The Sharepoint app maps your processes, organisational structures and resources in context. This creates an organisational information system that provides knowledge to everyone within the company. Due to its universal application possibilities, many companies already trust in Quam. The same applies to MÜLHEIM PIPECOATINGS GmbH, which has been using Quam as a management system portal for several years.

The organisation operates one of the world’s largest pipe coating plants in large-scale industry. Within the Europipe Group, the company offers a wide range of technical coating solutions for the oil and gas industry. One of the highest priorities is quality assurance of all operations and processes. For this reason, areas such as occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and energy management cannot be considered separately.

Quam as knowledge base for all relevant quality data

Quam enables precise adaptation to the respective company requirements through its diverse configuration options. As a result, all essential information is not only bundled, but also networked with each other. This fact reduces duplication of work and facilitates changes in best time. And best of all, each stakeholder group receives exactly the information that is specifically tailored to them.

“Thanks to Quam, the maintenance of management systems and legally compliant work at MÜLHEIM PIPECOATINGS can be ensured in a resource-saving manner.” – Ulrich Smit, QHSE Manager

For more information and details about the use of Quam at MÜLHEIM PIPECOATINGS GmbH, please refer to the project report.

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