Join automates GDPR procedure directories at Sandvik Tooling Supply Schmalkalden with Quam


The European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes complex requirements for the protection of sensitive personal information: Processes, data and other information must be well documented and available at all times. With Quam’s GDPRextension, we at Join are helping the global high-tech company Sandvik Tooling Supply to ensure its data protection in a simple and structured way by automating process directories and linking them to quality management.

Schmalkalden is a branch of Sandvik Tooling Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and is part of the internationally active Sandvik Group, headquartered in Sandviken, Sweden. The group employs approximately 47,000 people in 150 countries. Within the group, the Schmalkalden site is the world’s largest production facility for special tools for machining centers. Sandvik Tooling Supply Schmalkalden is mainly internationally active with an export share of more than 55%.

Everything important in one central knowledge base with Quam

The GDPR requires a procedure directory listing all processes in which personal data is processed, as well as the documentation of extensive additional information: what data is involved, why is it collected, where and how long is it stored, by what measures is it protected, and much more. The creation of such an overview is complex, as expert knowledge of both processes and data protection is required.

Sandvik Tooling initially started the implementation with Excel, but quickly reached its limits. In particular, the multiple interconnections and interactions between processes and data flows could not be adequately represented in this way. In addition, existing documentation, e.g. in QM manuals, would have had to be recorded again at great expense.

The solution was found quickly: Quam, the powerful SharePoint app for efficient process management. With the Quam organisational information system, Sandvik in Schmalkalden can now integrate the existing quality management system, all process descriptions, data and documentation on one platform without much additional effort.

This creates a 360° view of each process with meta-information from both worlds – the QM standards requirements as well as all data protection-relevant information. The DSGVO-compliant procedure directory is generated automatically and thus enables quick access to the important content at any time. Processes, organisational structures and additional information are mapped in a network and can be analysed in detail for improvement potential in all dimensions.

Immense added value through efficiency and cost savings

The conclusion drawn by Sandvik Tooling Supply Schmalkalden is correspondingly positive. “As a single point of truth, Quam bundles all information for us in a central knowledge base, creating immense value through efficiency, transparency, identification of potential and synergies, and in cost savings.”, says Stefan Andres, Commercial Manager.