Stable and reliable production processes are the fundamental basis for high customer loyalty, productivity, quality and delivery reliability. Previously elaborated standards (operating, organisational, work or process instructions) must be regularly checked and their compliance internalised at all levels of the company.

With SmartProcessCompliance, you integrate your entire workforce into the continuous improvement process and into the adherence to operating instructions directly at the processes, and thus receive a broad identification with the company goals of quality improvement, risk minimisation and customer loyalty.

Increase the quality of your processes

Through the use of SmartProcessCompliance, a modern software solution consisting of a WebPortal and MobileApp, employees are taught compliance with operating instructions and process guidelines in a playful way and an improvement system is established in the company. Lengthy, complex and boring audit processes are a thing of the past.

The necessary questionnaires, process definitions and basic configurations are prepared by the respective employees and can be managed independently using a web portal.

The employees can thus complete the pre-configured process checks via a MobileApp at any time. The surveys are carried out dynamically, self-regulating and intelligently in order to automatically improve quality deficiencies.

Independent control of the level of fulfillment and action tracking, significantly support the improvement process to achieve a maximum of self-commitment of each employee and to promote modern self-responsible ways of working.



Process confirmations and audits on existing mobile devices


A central repository as a base of knowledge for knowledge for all employees on enterprise organisation


Self-regulating continuous improvement

Cost savings

Low setup-costs for the required IT infrastructure

"SmartProcessCompliance gives us the possibility to finally carry out process confirmations in a structured way and to continuously improve existing processes, using effective controlling and reporting"

Thorsten Hand, Bosch Rexroth Schweinfurt

Further benefits

  • Support of IATF 16949 and ISO 16949 standards
  • Suitable for Layered Process Audit (LPA), an organisational method to preform a continuous improvement process in quality management



  • Execution of self-regulating intelligent process confirmations on mobile devices
  • Carrying out audits of complete questionnaires
  • Creation and follow-up of measure for process confirmations and audits
  • Self-control through personal degree of fulfillment


  • Connection to existing Active Directory for user authentication
  • Independency of operating systems or dedicated workstations (browser or mobile-based clients)
  • Interfaces to third-party systems using customary market standards


  • Management of company areas, production lines and workplaces
  • Management of question catalogues and questions
  • References to existing operating instructions


  • Visual evaluation of process confirmations according to various criteria, generation of uniform and reliable data
  • Export possibilities
  • Connection to reporting systems such as Power BI or Tableau for company-specific evaluations