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Enormous amounts of data often accumulate in companies. Searching for specific sources - whether it's files, e-mails or personal data - is often time-consuming and ineffective. With Microsoft Search it is possible to establish connections to the entire data network of your company and to find information across the board. Users no longer have to move from app to app, searching them one by one for the information they need.

With Microsoft Search, you simply search your entire data network globally.

Search is already integrated in various Microsoft products and offerings - for example, in the Edge browser, in the Internet search, or in various Office applications. However, you can achieve even more efficiency in searching for files with a individual adaptation and extension by Microsoft Search. This can be done in three basic implementation steps.

Microsoft Search Extension – the three phases of implementation

Phase 1: Initial Setup

All out-of-the-box functions can be used immediately.

  • Unified Search in Microsoft 365 From any Microsoft search box across multiple data sources including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • An improved understanding of search query simplifies the search for shared files. Users can more easily find files they are collaborating on.
  • Intelligent ranking algorithms sort results by relevance so users can easily and quickly find the right information, such as policies, benefits, resources, tools and more. Addressing specific user groups, such as new employees, remote employees, or groups from different geographic regions, is also possible.
  • Microsoft Search is enabled by default and any administrative customisation made to Microsoft Search is applied across all apps, enabling easy management across all apps.

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Phase 2: Tuning Phase

At this stage, additional modules and functionalities can be included.

When a user performs a search, Microsoft Search processes and analyses this search query and tries to reduce it to the essentials as well as taking the search context into account to increase search relevance. Artificial intelligence (AI) and various global settings are used for this purpose.

Bookmarks (Sponsored Links)

This automatically directs searchers to a previously defined search result. The most relevant information is always displayed first.


This search function extends the query by adding terms that are considered semantically equivalent to the entered term. The user then finds, for example, not only results for the search term "arrangement", but also for synonyms such as "regulation" or "instruction".

Room plans/Locations

This extension offers searchers a comprehensive overview of all rooms and/or areas as well as locations of the company with just one click.


Basic and frequently arising questions about the company are bundled here and answers are provided.

Phase 3: Personalisation and costumisation

In this implementation phase, Microsoft Search can be customised to your individual look & feel. In addition, enhancements can be made.

Individual UI & UX

Use this extension to customise the user experience to your corporate design. You decide whether the search result is displayed as text, image, in the form of metadata, previews or similar.

Connection of external data sources

The search can also be extended to external data sources such as FileShares, SAP or DMS.

The integration of applications outside the Microsoft cosmos is done via the search endpoints of the Graph API. For example, external people search can be supported or other search-based applications can be accessed.

Your advantage: Practical benefit without extra license

An extension of Microsoft Search offers many advantages, such as the possibility to integrate data sources from third-party systems, to individualise and specify the search model as desired or to adapt the layout to your respective company CD. The best thing about it: you don't have to purchase an extra license.

We help with the optimisation

Today, companies' knowledge is often distributed across many complex data sources. Being able to access these quickly and comprehensively is one of the most important success factors. We support you in optimally configuring Microsoft Search Extensions. After all, if your employees have easy access to corporate knowledge, they can concentrate on their core tasks and perform them more effectively.

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