Process & organisation management

Every company is different. Good process management must accommodate this individuality, process complexity, and present this complex information in a simple manner.

There are a number of recipients who have a legitimate interest or professional need for information about the organisation of companies.

Join helps you to design, recognise, connect and analyse organisational relationships, define responsibilities and make this organisational knowledge accessible to everyone in the company.

Your employees will understand your company better and can improve processes together with you.

Who does what, why, where, how and according to what rules?

Your employees have a right to sufficient information about their working environment, but also about the purpose of their work, integrated into the entire company processes.

Customers want to be convinced that the company manufactures its services in accordance with recognised standards.

In addition, there are numerous regulations, and you have to be able to prove that your company works GDPR-compliant, environmentally friendly, quality assured and work safety-compliant.

We help you to establish an organisational information system to analyse, optimise and automate processes and structures and their constant change - in the team and across organisational boundaries.

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The digital twin of your organisation

A "digital twin" is a digital representation of objects, processes or systems from the real world. This digital representation describes both the elements and the dynamics of how a system works.

Coming from production engineering, digital twins depict systems over their entire life cycle. Even during the planning phase, engineers can use these models to optimise processes. Once the system is in operation, the same models can be used to further optimise processes and to adapt production to changing conditions.

Join transfers this very idea to the mapping of organisations.


Your benefits with the Join process management

Create organisational models

Simple modeling of structures, processes, resources and rules.

Share organisational knowledge

A central repository as a knowledge base for all employees on company organisation.

Ensure compliance

Only those who know the rules can obey them.

Make complexity usable

Connected organisational information helps to better understand and rethink the organisation.

Our process management workshops

Our Join workshop gives you a well structured introduction to the process management of your organisation and includes:

  • Development of an individual vision with representatives of the management and executives in the company
  • Identification of the company divisions for inclusion in the organisational information system
  • Inventory of any existing process material
  • Prioritisation of your individual digitisation potential
  • Sketching out a project plan including the resources necessary for a successful digitisation project

We will be happy to make you an individual offer for our consulting services: depending on your budget, requirements and objectives. We look forward to working with you.


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Our tool recommendation for process management

For the creation of the digital twin of an organisation we recommend Quam. Quam analyses the organisation and links elements of the structure and process organisation logically with each other via a defined process. Process maps, organisational charts, roles, functions and organisational views are available to all employees at all times.

Quam is available for SharePoint on Premise, as a hybrid solution, via Office365 or directly in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This SharePoint app raises your organisation to the level of 4.0.

You can find all information about our Quam 7.0 on the product website.

Quam belongs to the Aiio GmbH (former Lintra plus GmbH) product family. Aiio concentrates on the continuous further development of Quam, while we as partners deal with the topics of process management and organisational development in all their diversity and breadth.


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