Microsoft 365 for more team spirit and optimal information flow at LINDIG

Communication plays an important role in every company. Only in this way can individual departments and employees work together productively and effectively, exchange knowledge and contribute to the success of the company.
However, many organisations face the challenging question of how to operate their information and knowledge management and promote collaboration.

In addition to the classic intranet, in which information is made available to employees top-down, there are also collaborative platforms. These additionally facilitate communication between locations, simplify internal processes and minimise sources of error, which can arise, for example, from misunderstandings or a lack of coordination. Employees can establish communities to collect ideas, exchange best practice examples or stimulate new initiatives. This creates not only business, but also private togetherness.

A social network within a company  

With its SharePoint, Yammer and Teams programs, Microsoft provides
and Teams, Microsoft provides several entry points for building a corporate social network. This allows employees to seamlessly connect, share and collaborate effectively as a team.

LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH is a service-strong service provider in the areas of forklifts, warehouse technology and work platforms. The company approached Join GmbH with the desire to expand its internal intranet communication platform with these collaborative products.

With over 350 employees spread across six locations in central Germany, the family-owned company, founded in 1899, offers its customers and partners a wide range of services. From warehouse optimisation and shelf inspection, to a rental service and the sale of new and used equipment. The specialists at LINDIG help true to the motto “LINDIG can also solve your problem”.

In addition to building and maintaining a good customer relationship, internal communication as well as mutual exchange between employees is also a high priority.

Promotion of an open and trustful corporate culture

The introduction of Yammer is a big step for many companies. Fears often arise due to the lack of regulations and the very free and open communication and structure. This is due to the fact that the network is operated by the participants themselves and thus generates a high degree of momentum.

As early as 2012, LINDIG launched a “social intranet” and was thus a pioneer among medium-sized companies in the region around Eisenach. The basis for this is a positive corporate culture, which is decisively supported by the employees. Thus, the decision for Yammer or rather for the introduction of Microsoft 365 was not too surprising.

LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH also promotes an open and trusting culture. This enables employees to communicate more easily and share information with each other more easily. We have succeeded in creating a communication platform that has made it possible to exchange information across locations and network with each other on a modern technical basis. And all this thanks to Join’s support during the implementation.

Although the introduction of the new platform was not long ago, numerous examples already prove the correctness of the decision for Microsoft 365. The most recent example is probably Corona.

Transparent crisis management with Microsoft 365

“Thanks to the hardware already in place and applications such as Sharepoint, Yammer and Teams, our employees were able to continue their work in the home office directly without any major changes,” says Sven Lindig, Managing Director at LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH.

At the beginning of the Corona measures, individual companies still purchased notebooks and tablets to enable their employees to work from home at all. The employees at LINDIG were able to get started directly from the home office and continue to stay in contact with their colleagues, customers and business partners.

“I have been involved in the changeover to Microsoft products from the very beginning. We held workshops for our employees to introduce and explain the new systems to them. And I can say it is being well received by all colleagues” says Anne Traberth, responsible for office applications at LINDIG. Join played a key role in supporting her in this process. The employees were in regular contact with her and were always available when questions arose about the various applications.

The employees at LINDIG use the platform to inform themselves, exchange ideas across departments and gather ideas. This is done transparently across all locations and organisational units.

Join contributes to a stable and effective corporate social
network for LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH. This is done on the basis of years of experience in internal and cross-company communication. In this way, all participants will be able to move completely independently and securely with modern software tools in the future.