Application Hosting

Software applications are not only costly when being purchased. Money, time and personnel resources must also be invested during operation. For this reason, more and more companies are outsourcing individual IT areas from their operations in order to save administrative costs.  If you do not want to maintain your own infrastructure for the operation of your application, you can rely on Join as a strong partner for your application hosting.

Concentrate on your core business while we at Join manage your applications and your data. Your applications in the cloud are available to your employees at any time from anywhere.

Why does Application Hosting make sense?


Software solutions often require certain hardware conditions. If these conditions are not met, uncomfortable errors and failures can occur, which in turn become expensive. By outsourcing the hosting, hardware upgrades can be saved.

Data Backup

A proper and continuous data backup protects you from unnecessary data loss and is therefore absolutely essential.
We will support you in the creation, storage and, if necessary, the import of your backups.


Resources of your IT department are needed to prevent problems with the software. You can easily save these capacities. We provide technical maintenance for you and ensure that the life of your software is considerably extended.


For the storage of all data including backups, software requires a certain amount of expensive storage space. We will provide you with the storage capacity you require, tailored to your requirements in terms of scope, performance and costs.


The number of newly developed malicious programs remains at a constantly high level. Regular updates are therefore a must in order to close security gaps and minimise security risks. This is taken care of by our application hosting.


With us your data is in the best hands. We take all the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is optimally protected against viruses or hacker attacks.

Quick and secure outsourcing with our application hosting

Take advantage of our IT resources and our broad range of expertise to securely outsource the servicing, maintenance and operation of your applications. We take over the complete operational responsibility for you. In doing so, you can significantly reduce your costs, as there is no need to purchase expensive hardware. You also benefit from numerous advantages, such as assured server performance and availability as well as easier scalability. Our systems are optimally protected, high-performance and always up-to-date.

Service Management

Best possible support and maintenance for the monitored components of your system landscape.

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