SharePoint Security Solution

In today's working world, almost every employee is a content writer. However, this increase of content carries enormous risks. Especially in SharePoint, employees can easily duplicate, delete, or share confidential information, quickly losing control over shared documents and sites.

We help you to map the authorisation structures of all SharePoint content in such a way that it can be analysed with high performance and almost in real time - and without burdening your SharePoint infrastructure.

Individually coordinated, in line with your security guidelines

SharePoint offers many options for building site collections and the associated permission configuration. You can create any number of subitems and assign individual permissions to each item. The simple assignment of permissions is a big plus for internal company collaboration. On the other hand this flexibility bears risks, because it is very difficult to monitor which permissions were set where.

Most of the time companies address the assignment of permissions with rules and thereby they come across another challenge: With SharePoint standard resources it is difficult to retrace where a rule has not been adhered to.

At this point we would like to provide companies with a solution.

Compliance and security guidelines differ from company to company. A One-Fits-All solution does not seem to make sense.

For this reason, we will work with you to develop the appropriate guidelines and design your individual security solution that will sensitise your users in dealing with information and actively identify security breaches.

The SharePoint Security Solution can be seamlessly integrated into your environment. This means that you do not need to operate another application, but can conveniently manage and control the authorisations and page structures in SharePoint.

In this way, you can enable an efficient collaboration and be sure that confidential SharePoint data and documents are protected by the necessary security.

Your benefits with SharePoint Security Solution

  • More conscious handling of safety-relevant information in the company
  • Real-time analysis of authorisations and approvals
  • Automated rights monitoring
  • Provision of individual security tools up to holistic dashboards
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint
  • Adaptation of the Security Solution according to the requirements of the respective Site Collection, Site or Group
  • Access evaluation and analysis by content managers
  • In the Cloud, OnPremise or in hybrid scenarios

Learn more about our 3P-approach!

The SharePoint standard resources and 3rd party solutions deliver only sobering results to organise and manage information, documents and knowledge in the company. Therefore we map the hierarchy of SharePoint objects as well as their permissions and permission inheritance in a graph structure. The result: a lightweight knowledge network of linked information that provides the perfect basis for our 3P-approach.


Effective user sensitisation by transparent presentation of the security classification of all documents and pages.


Immediate implementation of necessary compliance measures with the individual control system.


Undisturbed work processes due to seamless integration with SharePoint in the form of extensions or apps.

Sensitise your users!

The human factor plays an important role in the implementation of your SharePoint Security Solution. We lead your project to success by helping you:

  • Understand your users and their working methods
  • Designing the appropriate digital workspaces
  • Implement step by step and measure the progress continuously
  • Change established working methods and actively coach your employees

Would you like to know more? In a first web meeting you will learn how we can implement individual security applications for your environment.

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