Quam: The SharePoint app for process management

With the SharePoint app for process management you can depict processes, organization structures and resources within a context. We also help you to design, recognize, connect and analyze organizational relationships, define responsibilities and make this organizational knowledge available for everyone in the company.

With Quam a new organization information system will arise as a basis for analyzing, optimizing and automatizing processes and structures – as a team and beyond organizational boundaries.Your employees will be able to understand the company a lot better and optimize processes together with you.

The digital twin of your organization – created with the SharePoint app for process management

Quam stands for the words Qualitätsmanagement (quality management), Umweltmanagement (environment management), Arbeitssicherheit (occupational safety) and Managementrichtlinien.

Quam analyzes the organization and logically links elements of the organizational and operational structure via a defined process. This way process maps, organization charts as well as views of rolls, functions and organizations are available for all employees at all times, whether as hybrid solutions or directly in Microsoft Azure. The SharePoint app for process management raises your organization to the new level 4.0.

Quam as digital twin of your organization supports you with:

  • Intuitive creation of process models
  • Easy gathering of organization structures
  • Logical linking and evaluating of information as well as organizing these along enterprise processes
  • Actively reducing complexity

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By depicting all processes, structures, rules, etc. these will be available to everyone at all times


Active process management and modeling makes it possible to easily check and validate and with that avoid redundancies


Through useful and secure management of documentations and rules, insecurities for example in compliance-questions can be avoided

Reducing costs

By reviewing processes, unnecessary process steps can be found to save time and money

„Processes can’t be seen in a one dimensional way. Quam helps us with the development of components of Volkswagen, with detecting complex connections and their correlations, with developing sustainable procedures and their compliance, as well as with ensuring a high quality product development in concrete projects across multiple business locations.”

Dr. Fabian Wolf, Direction processes/methods/standards, Volkswagen HE

Further benefits

Quam analyzes the organization and logically links elements of the structure and process organization via a defined process. Process maps, organizational charts, role, function and organizational views are available to all employees at all times. Quam is available for SharePoint on Premise, as a hybrid solution, via Office365 or directly in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This SharePoint app elevates your organization to level 4.0.

Gather organizational structures in SharePoint

The depiction of the whole organizational structure takes place on multiple levels: registrate organization charts, organizational areas, as well as buildings, departments, IT-systems, personnel  and even the homepage of each employee. The logical evaluation of functional dependencies show the direct reference to modelled processes.

Thanks to intelligent links between organizational and operational structure, graphics become interactive and support the life of the processes in the company. Quam collects, structures and organizes people, forms, IT or information along the processes. This makes for a basis not only for automatically generated and updated job descriptions, but also for evaluations of usage authorisations in IT-systems or the usage of documents in processes.

Ensure compliance with SharePoint

Management guides and procedure instructions document your organisation by different points of view. If you want to provide subject-related documentation for different recipient-groups, for example employees or auditors, use the possibility of a data base and document rules without redundancies and with minimal effort.

With Collaborative Document Control (CDC) Word documents can be managed directly in Quam and can automatically be made to be available as a HTML-preview and as a ready to print PDF file.

More Use Cases for your SharePoint

Audit management with

  • Support with internal audits, supplier audits and 3rd party audits
  • Insight into the current status of the audit at all times
  • Direct control of measurements and activities

Intranet with SharePoint

  • Improve overall productivity by quickly exchanging information
  • High level of acceptance throughout the staff based on the familiar Microsoft-environment
  • Strengthened team work based on clear responsibilities and efficient exchange of information

Quality management with SharePoint

  • Increased effectivity and efficiency of the working quality
  • Revision safety for processes and documents
  • Building a quality management portal for the whole environment

Reorganization with

  • Streamlined and optimized enterprise structures for an increased competitiveness
  • Reduced costs and time as tangible results
  • Easy familiarization based on well known user interfaces

Risk management with SharePoint

  • Workflow based identification of risks
  • Systematic surveillance and control of measurements to prevent risks
  • Up to 70% less costs

Contract management with SharePoint

  • Central authorization controlled storage of contract data in document libraries
  • Conclusive meta date concept to quickly find contract data
  • Automatical surveillance of deadlines and resubmissions

Join is partner of Lintra plus

Quam belongs to the product family of Lintra plus GmbH. Lintra concentrates on the continuous development of the Quam while we, as partners, deal with the topics of process management and organizational development in all their diversity and breadth.

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