Open Data Platform for Tourism

Join supports digitisation in the tourism industry with innovative solutions for the provision of touristic information. Ensure a maximum of user experience, individuality and relevance in order to convey the unique diversity of tourist destinations and make tourist stays unforgettable!

The Open Data platform is suitable for the implementation of consistent content strategies for the provision of various touristic contents. The entire tourism value-added chain benefits from potential guests being informed about tourism offers in an up-to-date and seamless manner.

Your advantages with an Open Data platform

By providing a standardised infrastructure, tourism data and touristic information can be collected and maintained in the simplest possible way and at the same time in a high quality. Regions, destinations and other tourism organisations can then access this information via open interfaces and use it on their own websites.

Structured Data

Data on the Open Data platform is 100% labelled in HTML according to the defined domain specifications and complies with the current standards. The structured data and information can then be retrieved and made available in various forms. This is an important part of our overall solution and is primarily made possible by the database used and its API.

Browser compatibility

Join Open Data for Tourism is supported by all major browsers: MS Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. State-of-the-art frontend frameworks ensure high responsiveness and a wide range of display sizes.

User Experience

Rely on state-of-the-art user guidance, navigation and presentation. We focus particularly on dynamic and personalised provision of information for the respective user. That way we support a positive perception of the overall project.


With the help of the Join AppHero additional functionalities can be seamlessly integrated into the website or CMS system. The end user receives an overall consistent usability, while the efforts for the individual additional components remain manageable.

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