Neuarbeiten stands for new and modern ways of work in German. We beleive that digitization isn’t an IT-Project. It represents a modern form of working, a contemporary way of leading and technology, that’s always up to date. Through individual freedom and active participation in knowledge co-workers become co-creators.

With Neuarbeiten you get the right strategy and the tools, to enable a literally borderless but safe cooperation. Establish your competitiveness – permanently.

Modern ways of working with Neuarbeiten

If you want to use connected ways of working as a real success factor in your company, to strenghten productivity and the power of innovation, you need a strategy that suits you. Modern Workplace helps you define and realize this strategy, step by step. Therefore, our experts work in close cooperation with your executives, IT-specialists and employees.

We support you in remodelling your organization and help you to establish new ways of adding value in the day to day routines of your employees. With Microsoft 365 we make all necessary resources available that are needed, to introduce modern ways of working to your organization.


Custom made

Combining your own ways of working, your specific wishes and our knowledge about modern ways of working, together we develop an individual goal for your modern workplace.


Coordinate internal processes more efficiently thanks to the optimization of interactions between employees, departments, company locations and even partners and customers.

Cost saving

Stop wasting valuable IT-resources for routine tasks in your organization. A digital working environment frees up capacities in the IT department. For example, to improve core systems or to find innovative solutions.

Made for the future

Achieve enormous competitive advantages through a solid basis for permanent progress and innovation.

Neuarbeiten strategy-workshop

Our workshop-offers:

  • One day workshop with representatives of the management and executives in the company
  • Developing individual goals
  • Identify areas and processes that need changing
  • Prioritize your individual digitization-potentials
  • List of specific options for you
  • Definition of a project plan including all the necessary resources for a succesful digitization

Optional additional services:

  • In-depth development of leading strategies for flexible ways of working
  • Introduction of digital work spaces
  • Development of a communication concept
  • Training und coaching for both, executives and employees


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Neuarbeiten communications workshop

The introduction of digitized work processes requires the acceptance of the project by the entire workforce. With targeted communication measures, you ensure the participation and commitment of your employees. Our communication concept transparently transports the objectives of the measure and provides for the early and constructive involvement of key users. An introduction accompaniment with "welcome packages" and user-oriented training complete the concept.

Our workshop-offers:

  • One-day workshop with representatives of management, corporate communications and other project multipliers
  • Conception of effective measures to communicate the project objectives
  • Planning of accompanying communication measures to introduce new tools and working methods
  • Project plan for cooperation with key users and other multipliers in the company
  • Planning of suitable training measures to support the change process

Optional additional services:

  • Conception and creation of effective communication media (info mailings, intranet articles, flyers, posters)
  • Creation of employee-friendly welcome packages for the introduction of new tools
  • Key-User Workshops
  • Trainings and Coachings


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Join is Microsoft partner

As Microsoft Office 365 service solutions – partner for medium sized and large Enterprises we realise solutions the way you want us to. Benefit from our extensive experience in the areas digital waqys of working, as well as information architecture and management. While taking your current infrastructure and your visions for the future into account, together we pave the way into the cloud.