Digital teamwork with Microsoft 365 - SSV Technik networks agilely in customer projects

For demanding industrial companies, customer proximity, flexibility, individual solutions and excellent service quality are essential criteria in the selection of suppliers. SSV Technik networks with its industrial customers in an agile manner via the Microsoft 365 digital collaboration platform to ensure optimum parts supply, thereby offering its customers decisive advantages. We at Join have advised and accompanied SSV Technik during the introduction and rollout of their digitalisation strategy with our NEUARBEITEN services

As a system supply company for industrial manufacturing companies, SSV Technik has developed a unique system. This can be described in the broadest sense as a full supply for industrial companies. By setting up electronic material dispensing systems, manufacturing industrial companies have all the parts they need at their disposal around the clock. In this way, SSV Technik realises enormous savings potentials in process, storage and procurement costs for its customers.

Productive processes and efficient communication with Microsoft 365  

Modern ways of working, networking and effective communication are the backbone and a key driver in digitisation. To optimise internal and external collaboration for and with its customers, SSV Technik had already introduced Microsoft 365 in to the company. Initially, the focus was on the technical level, which led to a lack of acceptance and use among the company’s own employees.

In order to exploit the full potential of the digital collaboration platform, the digitisation experts from Join were called in. With the NEUARBEITEN service package, we offer companies optimal support in the development and introduction of individual digitisation strategies and tools.  

We initially started with a requirements workshop with the management and the IT managers of SSV Technik. Together, we developed an approach to achieve two goals: First, collaboration with customers in the project business should be improved, and second, internal communication should be optimised. From the very beginning, we use the modern collaboration platform via Microsoft Teams for communication with all project participants. We also used the platform for joint editing and exchange of files, notes and presentations. In addition, it was jointly decided to communicate all upcoming workshop dates at SSV as open dates. This always enables the participation of interested and motivated employees.

Networked collaboration as a success factor in SSV Technik’s project business 

The Teams application from the Microsoft 365 Suite is the ideal tool for effective communication and collaboration in customer projects. In order to structure this and other apps sensibly for the concrete requirements of SSV Technik and its customers and to be able to make a recommendation for use for the individual processes and workflows at SSV, several customer teams were actively involved in the development. In this way, meaningful process models, workflows, and structures are defined directly with the participation of the later end users at the various affected work levels.

In addition to processes, the focus was also on operational task management. The Outlook tasks of the individual team members in customer projects, which were distributed among different people, were replaced by Microsoft Planner. As a result, tasks can be viewed centrally and transparently by everyone in the team. At the start of an SSV customer project, approximately 150 tasks are defined in the company’s own standard process. These are now automatically available in Planner for each new project and can be organised by all participants.

By integrating the task management into Microsoft Teams, this has been merged with the customer and team communication. As a result, the jointly edited file contents are also available everywhere. Everything is just a mouse click away.

After successfully finalising all factors for team(s) collaboration in customer projects at SSV, several introductory events were offered and held. This was done for all employees together with the management and IT.

Optimal knowledge management on the intranet

In line with the ultra-modern company building, a modern intranet solution was also to be created, which would provide all employees with the information relevant to them. This contributes to the general improvement of internal communication as well as mobile accessibility. In addition to company news, central dates and events, the intranet now also contains a FAQ section with internal instructions and regulations for all employees in a modern layout. Furthermore, templates, forms and presentations can be accessed there in their current version at any time.

In addition, the individual organisational units of SSV Technik can now also independently publish messages on the intranet via their respective Microsoft Teams platform. This enables an individual presentation and design of the different areas.

New potentials through teamwork

“Thanks to the successful implementation project and the professional support of the NEUARBEITEN specialists from Join, the productivity gains and growing customer satisfaction due to better teamwork became directly visible from the very beginning. And the best thing is: the employees also experience the benefits and are highly motivated”,

Danika Mönch, authorised signatory and member of the management board of SSV Technik, sums up the joint success.

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