TOTAL relies on Quam

Total setzt auf Quam

Focus on optimal information supply and process optimisation

The production of chemical products requires a high level of product quality as well as conformity with various safety and environmental standards. In order to comply with these requirements and to standardize established processes in the best possible way as part of a continuous improvement process, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH (TRM) needs a digital management manual. The digital management handbook supports TRM with the biggest challenge: the generation change in the team. We at Join GmbH support the world’s leading petroleum company in establishing a system that presents the internal rules and regulations in a process-oriented manner and integrates optimally into the working environment of the employees.

Clear, consistent view and understandable organisational mapping with Quam

The system previously used by TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH to display processes and work instructions was no longer state of the art.

However, Total has a mature SharePoint strategy and relies on Microsoft technologies in all aspects. A system was therefore sought that would fit harmoniously into the company’s existing SharePoint world and that would not present a major implementation challenge due to its familiar basis.

Quam offers exactly the right solution. As an application for quality management (Qualitätsmanagement), environmental management (Umweltmanagement), occupational safety (Arbeitssicherheit) and management guidelines (Managementrichtlinien), is Quam the SharePoint app for enterprise process management. Quam combines the questions “Who does what, with what, how and according to which rules?”.

Total Quam Startseite

Beyond the mapping of processes and standards, the software serves to transparently display the necessary competencies of the individual functions and positions. Thus, the existing Quam data model was extended and enriched with the necessary metadata. In combination with data exports from SAP “based” HR4U software, there are now previously unheard of possibilities: Competencies can be easily linked to the process via the role. This enables a comprehensible mapping of the entire organisation. The maintenance of redundant data in multiple systems is no longer necessary and costs can be significantly minimised.

Total Quam Prozessmodell

High user acceptance thanks to individual customization

In addition, the tool is fully aligned with Total’s corporate identity (CI) specifications. The solution builds on familiar tools and a familiar look, so that the tool has the look and feel of an in-house application for the company’s employees. The information and various sets of rules can also be made available in a well-structured and easy-to-consume manner. This led to increased acceptance and positive feedback from employees, favoring the transition to the new system.

TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH relies fully on Quam.

“Quam is a sustainable tool that is perfect for establishing knowledge about processes and standards relevant to the company.”
– Laurent-Xavier Gauvin, Lean Manager, Total Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

As a strategic partner of Aiio GmbH, the developer of Quam, we were able to provide TRM with comprehensive support in implementing the application..


Want to dive deeper into Quam’s capabilities and find out the ways in which Quam can be used in your organisation? Visit our Quam product website or contact us directly.