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Legal Operations – Technology in the Legal Market

Legal Operations - an established discipline in international legal markets, which, around here is still being developed, offers great potential for further optimisation of legal departments and their collaboration with internal and external customers.

As requirements for legal departments rise, so do the expectations: in this respect, entrepreneurial aspects of service provision such as effectiveness, efficiency, costs and productivity determine the agendas.

Technology, or generally digitalisation are essential drivers. Many competitors have learned from their experience within the last 3-4 years. Individual solutions for single problems are not durable. Complexity and costs increase, while the user acceptance decrease. Similar to other industries and areas of application we can observe a trend towards platforms which are already accepted and established in the companies.

Out of these circumstances we developed LEDOX365, a Contract Lifecycle Management solution based on the worldwide established Microsoft 365 platform.

Why Microsoft 365?

It is well established and the majority use at least one Microsoft application. The Microsoft platform is part of our daily work, whether it's Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for file editing, Outlook for communication, or SharePoint and OneDrive for data storage.

Due to the pandemics increase of home office one application has gained notoriety: Microsoft Teams. From 2017 to 2021, the number of daily active Teams users increased from 2 million to 145 million worldwide. In the summer of 2021, Microsoft announced that it reached the milestone of 250 million monthly users.[1]

Teams has long since ceased to be a pure video conferencing platform: At Ignite 2021, Microsoft's annual conference, the company made it clear that Teams will be expanded into a central communication and collaboration platform that will incorporate many other Microsoft applications over an extended period of time.

Microsoft’s most important advantages are a big existing customer base, a wide range of products and a profound integration in companies. With a market share of 85% in german companies Microsoft Office products dominate the business market.[2] Present Microsoft users are very likely to continue using Microsoft applications, which usually are already integrated into existing IT infrastructures, have similar user interfaces and comply with safety standards.


Why Microsoft 365 for the Legal Market?

No matter the case study, the answer regarding the priorities of legal departments are similar, though varying in order:

  • Improvement of Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Management and Automatisation
  • Automatisation of Processes
  • Reduction of Costs


All of these priorities require the use of technology, mostly provided from different suppliers with several negative consequences:

  • High costs for integration and adjustment to existing infrastructures and applications
  • Increasing complexity through different systems and user interfaces
  • High costs for ensurement of a functioning data exchange between systems
  • Large-scale and time and costs consuming change management processes to increase user acceptance
  • Continuous effort for maintenance and adjustment due to changes of applications which affect different systems
  • „New“ systems which are unknown to companies' IT departments and therefore cause additional requirement of time and ressources
  • Many point solutions → many external contacts → higher communication and coordination effort

All points mentioned strengthen the trend towards platform solutions.

What does that mean for the Legal Market?

The demand for Microsoft-365-based solutions for legal departments and law firms is growing steadily and this is exactly where LEDOX365 comes in. This contract lifecycle management solution based on Microsoft 365, developed by Join GmbH for Merck KGaA, addresses the current challenges faced by stakeholders in the contract lifecycle process:

  • Quicker contract creation: System based creation of – from the legal department approved – NDAs and standard contracts by Business Users
  • Lower risks:The legal department defines contractual standards, LEDOX365 depicts those and automised information such as deadlines in contracts
  • Transparency: An user friendly dashboard shows real-time information about processing statuses and contract contents
  • Improvement of collaboration: Joint online collaboration on contracts based on existing 365-functions
  • High acceptance through decreased Change Management:Users are used to user interfaces and basic functionalities of 365 applications
  • High level of automation: Electronic signature and automised approval processes accelerate the contract creation process

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