Microsoft SharePoint

In most cases the placement of SharePoint as successful and interdisciplinary platform for cooperation in enterprises  ends in a standard „provide and pray“ installation.

With SharePoint we begin where others stop.

We make SharePoint what it is supposed to be – The successful information hub for your enterprise knowledge.

Together we make SharePoint successful

To place SharePoint as a successful information hub, we analyse and connect all kinds of information that are relevant for the specific working context. By combining meta data management solutions, the connection of knowledge and enterprise search, we create new possibilities and points of view, to understand your data, gain knowledge and provide the right information foreach user.As Microsoft Gold partner in content and collaboration we develop new unique approaches and solutions, to help you and your employees be more successful in the everyday project business.

Our SharePoint approaches

Information Architecture

Knowledge is in the detail. That also applies to SharePoint. Especially with the intensive use of different document management, enterprise social and collaboration tools, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important. This is why it is so important to use meta data effectively. Those are like the blueprint of the enterprise. With a well defined and maintained meta data and termstore management, knowledge can be better organised which then leads to employees to be able to find and acces information much easier.

We develop and convey custom fit tagging-concepts, that have been proven to improve the quality of your information and the user-acceptance.

Enterprise SEO for SharePoint

At this point SharePoint provides a variety of search based functions, to realise a precise distribution of information. To ensure a high user satisfaction, those functions have to be customized to the needs of the user and user groups.

This is where we use different concepts, based on each other and perfectly tuned, as well as easily implemented quick wins for optimised searches within your enterprise, that help to continuously and significantly raise the quality of hits and improve the user experience.

Raising productivity with dynamic content-delivery

In the day to day work with SharePoint, often times all the information are too much for the user. Depending on memberships in team and project sites, the user consumes endless and partly irrelevant amounts of information from different places.

Based on SharePoint we develop business apps, that support the user in these day to day tasks. Thus, employees can work more efficiently and are able to find relevant information about specific problems much quicker.

Join is Microsoft partner

As a long-standing FAST Premium Partner, we know what Enterprise Search is all about. After numerous successful projects and the takeover of “FAST Search and Transfer” by Microsoft, we continue to work very closely with Microsoft on the topics of enterprise search, knowledge management and collaboration.

For several years now we have been a certified Microsoft Partner in the area of “Collaboration and Content”, which also includes Enterprise Search. As part of the partnership, we have numerous certified employees in this area who implement independent enterprise search projects based on SharePoint or work closely with Microsoft.