Intelligent Search

Due to the dramatic increase of diversified data volumes in companies, it becomes necessary to build high-performance solutions for the storage, search and provision of knowledge. Enterprise search providers have been addressing this issue for many years – but technology alone is not the solution.

Depending on your goals, we select the right search technology for you and integrate it into your existing IT landscape.

Organizing knowledge

Through efficient metadata management and the possibility of intelligent linking of information, we improve the findability of your information. Together with you we create a basis for a good search and optimized information management.

Finding information

Gaining insight

Often times important information is hidden in the depths of your data. Our solutions for data analysis and data linking support you in gaining previously unattainable insights.

Bring your valuable knowledge back to light

Enterprise Search Consulting

In order to exploit the full potential of enterprise search in your company, information must be actively provided and tailored to the individual needs of the user. Our employees have the necessary expertise to turn your intranet into a knowledge network and therefore increase the quality and efficiency of information research. Through extensive experience with search technologies such as Solr, Google Search Appliance or SharePoint Search, we support you with existing search applications so that you can exploit the full potential of your existing enterprise search.

Search Strategy Consulting

Especially at the beginning of a search project important decisions have to be made, which are decisive for the later success or failure of the enterprise search project. Through workshops, our consultants pass on their many years of enterprise search experience to you and ensure an optimal basis. You benefit both from our best practice procedures and from our vendor-independent consulting. We accompany you during the creation of the project setup and help you with the creation of the first conceptual steps by our experienced Enterprise Search Consultants.

Development of semantic search solutions & knowledge databases

In many areas, a company search can be sufficiently inefficient when it comes to finding relevant information. Especially where a pure full text search overloads the user with too much information. Based on a company-specific knowledge model, we advise our customers on the creation of semantic search solutions, knowledge databases and expert systems. We offer this both for existing search solutions, such as a SharePoint search, and for “standalone” solutions.