Microsoft Teams

Catchwords such as New Work and Business Continuity have increasingly shaped the world of work in recent years. Among these, flexible working hours and home office arrangements are increasingly gaining in importance. Microsoft Teams helps your company to promote teamwork and at the same time maintain business continuity, no matter where you are.

We help you to establish Microsoft Teams in your company and adapt them individually to your wishes, needs and structures.

Teamwork as added value for the organisation

One aspect that contributes significantly to the company's success is effective and productive teamwork. Only through the cooperation of individual departments and employees is it possible to make progress and complete processes effectively. The individual team members can combine their individual strengths and experiences and thus achieve greater success together. In the long term, this leads to greater motivation and lasting employee loyalty. True to the motto: "Alone you are strong, together you are unbeatable".

With Microsoft Teams as an interactive platform and virtual communication center, you create a workspace for your entire team. Document management, chats, meetings, video conferences - experience teamwork in a new dimension!

Flexible chatting with colleagues

The chat functions make it easy to get in touch with your colleagues and ask questions. Various GIFs, emojis and stickers help to add emotion and a personal touch to your simple text messages.

Meetings and calls from on the road

Central information flow

Instead of frantically searching for files, Microsoft Teams enables to retrieve, share and collaborate on files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint in real time.

Team Channels: centred collaboration on one project

In Team Channels, conversations are organised according to specific topics, projects and disciplines. Channels help you find files at any time, structure or split topics and keep all members up to date. Through the central data storage based on Microsoft SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files can be shared, Yammer contributions linked or joint meetings scheduled using Outlook.

App integration made easy

Microsoft Teams enables the integration of different apps to organise your workday even better. It is not only possible to integrate apps from the Microsoft package, but also internal company applications. An integrated Outlook calendar function allows you a quick view of your appointments, displays free meeting windows and simplifies the planning of phone calls. Would you like to discuss the next project steps during a meeting and define the tasks for the corresponding project participants? With the integrated Microsoft Planner you can easily create and distribute tasks and check their status. New tasks are displayed directly to your colleagues with all the necessary information they need.

Always available through the call function of teams

After Microsoft Teams have been successfully established in your company, your employees have a wide range of call functions at their disposal: You can add individual colleagues to your speed-dial list, create direct contacts and constantly check your call history. If you can't reach a colleague, you can leave a short message on their voicemail or wait for them to call you back. You can also view the status of each contact, their location and department.

Join is Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft 365 service and solution partner for medium-sized and large companies, we implement solutions on your terms. Benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of digital working methods, as well as information architecture and management. Taking into account your existing infrastructure and your vision for the future of digital workflows, we will work with you to pave the way to the cloud.