With technology expertise and extensive industry experience, we help you transform your organisation and your work-, communication- and business-processes. We support you by providing professional advice, proven methods and sustainable solutions, so you can operate most efficiently.

Every industry, every company has its own individual requirements. But our goal always remains the same: we want to improve your competitiveness through the proper use of information and technology.

Industry experience

Pharma & Chemical Industry

Our services in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry ensure that companies are able to adapt as best as possible to a
rapidly changing environment and increasingly stringent
legal requirements.

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Digitalisation has reached the tourism industry and requires
a rethink regarding the provision of information. Join actively supports with new solutions.

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Join supports clinics and nursing homes in overcoming
organisational challenges with the appropriate use
of technologies in order to ensure the best supply of all

Automotive & Suppliers

We ensure that manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in the
automotive industry are prepared for the future.


We support Non-Profit organisations with their administration,
to facilitate their work and take time for our own matters of the heart.

Finances & Insurance

Our solutions enable the quick and easy
access to all relevant information via various
applications to make companies even more efficient.


Media play an increasingly important role in our
society. To meet these requirements we support
companies with our know-how.

Energy & Supply

Our intelligent, service-oriented solutions help
energy suppliers to develop customer interfaces,
to improve performance and to provide optimised offers.


Improve your competitiveness through the correct use of information and technology

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If you are pursuing an IT strategy with strong networking ideas, you have come to the right place!

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Our Clients

Our clients include companies, groups and organisations from almost all industries.

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