Imagine every user receiving the exact information they need for their daily work, tailored to their interests. This is exactly the challenge we have taken on. With appHero we offer the possibility to bring relevant information to the place where it’s needed.

appHero enables fast implementation of new apps and lightweight integration into existing web-based business applications. Thus, the end user receives a consistent usability and can work more productively and efficiently.

New opportunities for efficient collaboration

Search or business apps based on appHero can be embedded in almost all web applications (CMS, CRM, ERP, …) via a snippet code and can be seamlessly integrated into the respective web application depending on the user and search context.Thus, the end user receives a consistent usability and can work more productively and efficiently.

Use the power of appHero!

Seamless integration of apps into existing web applications

With appHero, we bring relevant information to where it is needed. By simply inserting a code snippet, you make apps available in the respective web application (SharePoint, Liferay, Websphere, Tomcat, etc.) – and all this without any great adjustment effort. The apps do not have to be distributed manually but can be dynamically integrated into the corresponding business application based on configuration rules (e.g. URL, meta information, user, content, etc.).

High flexibility in every aspect

So far apps had to be implemented in the programming languages of the respective platform (SharePoint, WebSphere, Liferay etc.) The problem? A high effort when it comes to adapting.

With appHero, we develop business apps in a uniform language and integrate them seamlessly into the respective web applications via a snippet code. This enables a fast implementation and rolling out of new features in existing web applications.

Individual and custom-made development of business and search apps

appHero is an app framework on the basis of which versatile business apps can be created and deployed.

My Meetings for example is an Azure app based on appHero that displays all important Exchange Online appointments and meetings. This can be integrated into your desired web application at will. (e.g. SharePoint Online) so that your employees get a holistic overview of all upcoming appointments.