Sinequa for Azure

Sinequa for Azure

With Sinequa for Azure (version 11.7 of the Sinequa Enterprise Search Platform), the extended integration into Microsoft Azure Cloud Services becomes available.

At Join, we have been implementing Sinequa Enterprise Search solutions on our customers’ cloud infrastructures (both Azure and AWS) for many years.

Especially for resource-intensive initial indexing of large amounts of data, the flexible scalability of CPU and RAM resources in the cloud offers enormous cost advantages compared to the rigid provisioning of hardware in the enterprise data center. This is further simplified in the new version. Sinequa‘s full integration with Azure Elastic Architecture supports automatic request and release of compute capacity On Demand. This allows your environment to scale automatically based on demand and predefined rules.

Other features of Sinequa for Azure

  • Integration with Azure Keyvault to store sensitive data and passwords.
  • Templates and sample scripts for building the Sinequa for Azure environment.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams.
Integrated with Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.), Sinequa seamlessly extracts valuable information from applications such as Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, OpenText, Documentum, as well as file drives, databases and other data sources. This allows data from all enterprise data sources to be transformed into searchable information, providing users with accurate answers to their queries.

Learn more about Sinequa’s latest version here.

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