Not only web based controlling of the operative project work and an overview over resources, time and budget, but also providing a collaboration platform for the whole project team: That’s what we want for our project management software Cpm.

With Cpm you get a multi project management tool, that depicts your whole project lifecycle: Planning, managing, implementing, and controlling. Efficient and clear management for your projects.

Collaborative project management with SharePoint

Cpm is your SharePoint app for the whole project lifecycle. From portfolio- to program- up to the actual project-management including planning resources, time logging and cost recording. Even a reporting over several projects is possible.


Depending on the complexity of your projects you can use the basic funktions or the whole extent of the software – with full control over your costs on the basis of different licensing models.


Cpm is available on premises,or directly from the cloud Cloud. Work with teams all over the world, even in different languages.


SharePoint as a safe basic technology from Microsoft: Regular updates, patches and releases. As cloud product also GDPR-compliant.

Software as a Service

No investment cost for hard- and software or lincenses. Installation, maintenance and upgrades included. Commissioning in no time.

„Thanks to SharePoint we were able to increase the clout of our efficiency program, because of the abillity to control and manage measurements a lot better . (…) The automatic consolidation and evaluation of essential performance indicators means a lot less working effort. Thanks to automatically generated reports the administration and performance measurement has been made a lot easier for the Controlling.“

Herr Kaltenbach, Senior Vice President Corporate Finance at Nordzucker AG

Other benefits

  • Don’t seek – find: All project informationen at a glance
  • Clear presentation of the complete project lifecycle

Key aspects

Create and authorise projects directly in your browser

  • File and manage motions, obtain authorization and subsequently plan projects
  • Automated clearance-workflow to efficiently control project portfolios
  • Saved templates for recurring projects facilitate the first touchdown for working packages, milestones, sub projects, documents and reports

Plan projects clearly and demonstratively

  • Clear project structure plan or interactive Gantt-Chart on an intuitive user interface with different views for different stages and rolls of authorization
  • Creating milestones, working packages and definition of budgets, responsibilities etc.
  • Simulate project courses and update plans at the push of a button

Control projects and keep track

  • Multi project-overview for quick orientation within already existing projects
  • Central target parameters like status target likes, budgets, appointments are shown consolidated, project resources are managed and maintained centrally
  • Integration of Outlook to easily create. communicate and documt project meetings within the system

Project controlling

  • Fully developed risk management: Definition of risik categories, probabilities of occurance, extent of damage as well as reaction scenarios
  • Linking of those with project tasks in order to make it possible for any project member to react in case of an emergency
  • Controlling and surveillance of risks through graphic overviews, lists and diagrams
  • Documentation of results directly in the system
  • Time logging module allows efficient expense-controlling to secure projects g.
  • Easy creation of status-, project completion- or project finance- reports

MySite – The individual portal page in SharePoint

  • A personalized portal page, individually customized for a user, makes all relevant information from all projects available, that the user is a part of
  • Complete overview over projects, tasks, appointments, responsibilities, working packages or documents
  • Notifications to inform project members of new appointments or processes within the projects via e-mail
  • Calendar to show relevant and important appointments also allows project related task-planning and appointment management
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