Join's Matters of the Heart in May

For Join it is a matter of the heart to support

In May we want to report about two projects which Join is glad to support.

Donation campaign for Ukraine

Also for us the question came up, how can we as Join help Ukraine. After we had already offered our support to the IT Ukraine Association in the form of workplaces and infrastructure in our offices in Dresden, Eisenach and Magdeburg in March, we also wanted to provide further support.

After an internal, private appeal for donations, our employees donated heavily in the last few weeks and told us about it. We as a join then doubled this sum and decided together to which organization our donation should go. The decision fell on Ärzte ohne Grenzen. We hope to be able to make a small contribution by that.

Support for CSD Magdeburg e.V.

At Join, we treat ourselves and others with appreciation, heart and mind. These are crucial parts of our mission statement. It applies “IT’s all about people”, no matter who or how these people love!

Therefore, it is a matter of the heart for us to support the application of the CSD Magdeburg e.V. to host the EuroPride 2025 in Magdeburg. The EuroPride is the European equivalent of the Christopher Street Day, which takes place once a year in a European city.

We would be very happy to show Europe in 2025 how colorful Magdeburg is.

That’s exactly what the Join matters of the heart are for.