Real project work for the students of the Elisabeth Gymnasium Eisenach

The seminar paper is an important part of the general university entrance qualification for students in Thuringia and is intended to introduce them to scientific work. It involves problem-based thinking as well as independent work and the ability to communicate and work in a team.

“How Smart Can a Smart Home Be?”

This year, Join actively supported Vincent, Fabian and Jeremy from Class 12 at Elisabeth Gymnasium in Eisenach in writing this paper. The three were already part of the student internship weeks at Join in 2019 and decided to expand on the topic touched on in this context in their seminar paper: The topic of the group work was “How smart can a smart home be?”. As part of the practical part, the group decided to program a smart home control system themselves. The idea was to control the lighting and heating in a meeting room when a meeting is scheduled. For example, the heating should be pre-heated or the lights switched off when the sun is shining.

Active support from the experts at Join

For the realization, Join took over the technical support and provided active assistance. For example, developer Tommi provided an in-house API to which Join-sponsored thermostats and Philipps HUE lamps could be connected. For testing purposes, upcoming meetings at Join could be used as a data set. We congratulate Vincent, Fabian and Jeremy on the successful completion of the seminar paper, which will be included as a partial grade in the Abitur!

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