Specialist IT firm Join announces collaboration with the Liquid Legal Institute e.V., a digital legal platform

Join kooperiert mit LLI

IT services provider Join is expanding its activities in the non-profit sector. Effective immediately, the company will provide services and support to the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI e. V. (registered association)). The organisation is based in Munich and was founded by seven legal and economic experts with a view to progressing digitisation in the legal domain. The aim is to create a ‘legal ecosystem’. In particular, this will entail an open, non-profit platform available to all actors in the legal arena. Legal firms, in-house legal departments, individuals, civil servants and legislatures will all be able to participate on an equal basis in the forum and collaborate on law-related matters. The enterprise aims among other things to standardise and synchronise legal documents, improve the efficiency of data exchange and simplify complicated legal transactions where multiple participants are involved.

A digital transformation in legal affairs

‘We can certainly relate to the aims and approach of the Liquid Legal Institute. At Join, our ultimate goal is after all to make people’s work easier. We want to help use current technology to make those increasingly complex relations within finance, work and society more manageable. This is why we are keen to support the LLI in its aims’, says Join CEO Christian Wittrich. ‘Digitisation has radically altered our lives and society. Up to now, it is only the legal industry that has been unable to benefit. Together, we would like to change that. We want to launch a new way of thinking, of developing solutions and setting standards’, explains Kai Jacob, the LLI’s founder. The Liquid Legal Institute offers a neutral, non-profit forum for discussion, exchange and collaboration. Here, we gather knowledge, develop ideas and devise solutions that can be used and tested by members of the association in their daily work. The initiative now comprises 240 members in 10 countries.

Everything pointed towards a partnership

The Magdeburg-based IT service provider and several founding members of the LLI initially collaborated on a joint project. ‘We were thoroughly impressed by the team’s expertise and the manner in which Join tackled challenges. It was clear that more intensive collaboration was the way forward’, says Jacob. Join is also looking forward to the partnership. ‘Our new partners complement our own skills – technological know-how and an IT-specific viewpoint. Together with LLI, we will develop new ideas and solutions for the day-to-day challenges that legal departments face. We are very excited to be part of this’, says Wittrich.

More about the Liquid Legal Institute: https://www.liquid-legal-institute.com/

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