With over 20 years of experience in the implementation of standardised products and the development of individual business applications, Join has a comprehensive knowledge that goes far beyond theory.

With our Join Academy we would like to pass this knowledge on to our customers. In the form of deep dives and labs, we provide you with our expertise from a wide range of areas - practical, competent and compact.

Deep Dive Training

With our Deep Dive Trainings, we offer our customers practice-oriented seminars with training character. In the course of these events, we make the latest knowledge and technologies available to you, without the annoying preparation of textbooks - from practice for practice. We use our experience from 20 years and numerous customer projects to make our information, tips and tricks tangible for you.

For a practice-oriented training experience, you will work on selected apps in an interactive demo and training environment.

We offer our Deep Dive Seminars at irregular intervals, focusing on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Enterprise Search, Security & Compliance, as well as Process & Project Management.

Join Labs

You don't know the best way to reach your goal or how to solve a problem most efficiently? No problem! In our Join Labs we experiment together with you to find the right solution for you.

This is not primarily about creating a finished application, but rather about analysing functionalities for their suitability or technical feasibility. To do this, we work with a wide variety of approaches, using the proof-of-concept method and relying on the pillars of research and development.

All this takes place in a concentrated, encapsulated working environment, at one of our locations, where we have all the necessary resources at our disposal. Together with our experts, we are guaranteed to find a solution for your company!