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Digitalisation and the associated changes in our society are accompanied by the adaptation and modernisation of the workplace. The engineering firm Cornelius Ober also recognised that a so-called “Modern Workplace” not only increases productivity, but above all can make the company more competitive, and turned to Join for rework consulting.

Mobile energy consulting in the cloud

The aim of the project is to lay the foundation for the transformation from a traditional to a safe but timeless workplace. A particular focus will be placed on optimising the flow of information and process flows for energy consulting, the core business of Engineering Office Cornelius Ober.

The Cornelius Ober engineering office wants a working environment in which the content of customer projects can be accessed on a mobile basis at any time, so that manual or subsequent data entry, for example during customer appointments, can be dispensed with as far as possible. This not only ensures transparency, but also increases productivity and improves communication among geographically distributed employees. Another positive effect: Despite the expansion of functions, options and information reach, the effort required locally at the headquarters is greatly reduced for IT operations thanks to the move to the cloud.

About the Digital Bonus Thuringia funding program

The project is funded by the Digital Bonus Thuringia, the aim of which is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular on their way to becoming digital, modern workplaces. This is intended to significantly facilitate the digitisation of both operating processes, for example through the integration of CRM systems or Big Data applications, and products and services. In addition, the funding is intended to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to use cloud technologies, as well as to raise the standards of information and data security concepts in general.
Detailed information and the funding application can be found here.

No one has to create digitisation on their own

In many cases, digitisation is associated with a large capital outlay. However, there are numerous federal and state funding programs for which funding can be applied for depending on the company structure and business model.

You too can find the right funding program for your project:

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