Proof of Security

In an increasingly fast moving economy, companies are required to provide reliable proof of specifications and standards more and more often. Until now, this has been connected to high, manual audit efforts. But this does not have to be the case. Based on Blockchain technology, you can reliably prove who did what and when.

Proof of security - tamper proof and unquestionable thanks to the Blockchain technology.

Tamper-proof preservation of the history

With the help of blockchain technology, you can reliably prove who did what, when and what data was transferred in the process. This ensures that precisely these information can neither be manipulated nor subsequently changed. They can be updated at any time, but the history is always preserved. That way, you can prove at any time that the compliance requirements within processes have been gaplessly met. At the same time, considerable costs are saved in auditing processes.

Audit proof information

This makes your data audit-proof. Up to now, certificates and protocols on paper or in internal systems have been regularly questioned by auditors with regard to their validity and reliability. With our solution, you, the auditor and all other parties involved can be sure that no one is technologically capable of manipulating data and information.

All data and information that is stored on the blockchain can simultaneously be made available digitally. For example, an auditor can be invited to processes by being granted reading privileges. The auditor can view process-relevant information and thus obtain verification in real-time.

Join is is an open blockchain ecosystem on which every company can quickly and securely build its own business models and projects. It offers the basis for secure data exchange in flexible business partnerships without losing control over your own data.

The is operated and further developed as a consortial blockchain by the participating companies and thus, in contrast to many private chain solutions, has a truly decentralized architecture.