The Espresso Guide for Enterprise Search

The enterprise search industry owes you an apology

The enterprise search industry has failed to explain why companies need enterprise search and how it delivers visible results directly to everyday business. To clear up this confusion and clarify the power of enterprise search, our partner Sinequa brings you the Espresso Guide for Enterprise Search.

This is the first part of Sinequa's "Espresso Guides" series. Filled with fresh new thoughts, these e-books bring a topic to life - focused on the essentials.

Lean back, take a sip of espresso and we'll show you,

whether you have an enterprise search problem (spoiler: yes, you do.)
the 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy enterprise search
when you need to develop a search-based application
the future development of enterprise search

Editor's note: the content is extremely digestible even for NOT espresso drinkers

Join is Sinequa Partner

From the bundling of Sinequa's excellent technology with the specific professional knowledge of our certified experts from Join GmbH, we are setting new standards in the evolution from data-driven to information-driven companies in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Because only understanding the interrelationships makes it possible to deliver the right information to the right people.

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