Holistic contract management solution

Business relations between companies, service providers, partners and employees are the central element of every company’s system. These relationships are typically set out in contracts. How these contracts are managed and how contract data is handled and evaluated is crucial.

However, contract management is still characterised by outdated systems, isolated applications and manual processing. Central archiving is an important aspect of modern contract management. However, as a stand-alone solution it is not sufficient to adequately counter potential risks.

Holistic contract management without compromises

With our holistic services we create an ideal combination of information and processes. This ensures that throughout the entire creation and life cycle of a document, the user always receives the right information according to his role and work context. To make this possible, we bring your contracts to life step by step.

Your advantages with the Join contract management

  • Benefit from a modular, expandable solution that can be fully integrated into your existing Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Work centrally and collaboratively throughout all phases of the contract lifecycle.
  • Enrich individual phases with automated process steps to enable proactive contract management.
  • Maintain full control over your contracts thanks to deadline management and smart evaluation options.
  • Thanks to cloud operation, employees can access the contract management solution from anywhere and at any time of the day, thus increasing their productivity. They always work in a familiar and user-friendly environment.

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You receive a customised solution that is perfectly adapted to your company, your internal processes and your existing IT infrastructure. The Discory Workshop focuses on your work processes, your challenges and your goals. Together with you, we will find your ideal path to an integrated contract management solution.

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