Supply Chain Act

While attempting to make information regarding a supply chain traceable down to the last link, without causing media breaks and slipping into the analog world, numerous companies fail on a daily basis. Our experts at Join have found a solution to this problem based on the blockchain technology, which provides the necessary transparency required by the Supply Chain Act.

Transparency and proof of security along your entire supply chain, with our Blockchain solution - in compliance with the Supply Chain Act.

Reliable proof of Corporate Social Responsibility

Laws and regulations force companies with often large, complex supply chains to make these transparent. Although the suppliers do not have to be named, their CSR or quality certificates must be disclosed or it must be proven that precisely these certificates are available along the entire supply chain. This is the only way to reliably prove corporate social responsibility in the manufacturing process of a product.


Key technology Blockchain

By using cryptographic procedures the blockchain as a key technology makes it possible to make statements about suppliers and to provide proof of these - and this completely anonymised. All certificates along the supply chain for the manufacturing process of a product are stored digitally and tamper-proof. The product can be identified using the PID, the Product Identifier. Of course, these certificates are also verified - by central, trusted authorities such as DEKRA or TÜV.

All benefits at a glance

  • Secure verification through cryptographic procedures
  • Making anonymous statements about suppliers
  • Tamper-proof depositing of certificates
  • Verification by trusted authorities

Join is partner is an open blockchain ecosystem on which every company can quickly and securely build its own business models and projects. It offers the basis for secure data exchange in flexible business partnerships without losing control over your own data.

The is operated and further developed as a consortial blockchain by the participating companies and thus, in contrast to many private chain solutions, has a truly decentralised architecture.