Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies have to respond to changing customer wishes and needs more and more. This is because consumers today have substantially different priorities: transparent supply chains, environmentally sustainable products and compliance with ethical standards. This also increases the willingness of customers to pay more for products. In order to meet those needs, companies are expected to address the subject of corporate social responsibility.

Our Blockchain innovations provide various solutions for the challenges associated with CSR, making your company transparent and economical.

Complex supply chains and high manual efforts

When it comes to products sold globally, they all have one thing in common: production often takes place at an international level and is therefore linked to widely branched, complex supply chains. In order to do these justice, vast amounts of highly complex, trustworthy data are required. Until now, this has resulted in the simultaneous accumulation of large quantities of paper and documents. In addition, the processes within the supply chains are characterised by human error, a high susceptibility to delays and lack of transparency and even fraud and the manipulation of data.

Transparency in the Supply Chain Management

The Blockchain technology can help out here. If it is integrated into the supply chain management, it can help to make value chains more transparent. Not only for suppliers and partners, but also for the end consumer. For example, ingredients used can be precisely traced back to their place of origin. In the same way, working conditions and the extraction of raw materials can be disclosed. This doesn’t only help with gaining the trust of potential consumers, but at the same time, with the help of the blockchain, compliance with legal and, above all, social standards can be guaranteed. Because the increasingly critical consumer wants exactly that - companies that have a positive influence on society and our environment with their corporate social responsibility measures. Gain your customers trust with our blockchain solutions.

Join is partner is an open blockchain ecosystem on which every company can quickly and securely build its own business models and projects. It offers the basis for secure data exchange in flexible business partnerships without losing control over your own data.

The is operated and further developed as a consortial blockchain by the participating companies and thus, in contrast to many private chain solutions, has a truly decentralised architecture.