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With the release 6.0 of Quam, Quam and Cpm are merged into one application. This is the first Business Relationship Management System of its kind!

Get to know the possibilities contained in Quam 6.0!

competent and practical training
Interactive work on dedicated demo and training environment
Hands-On exercises from the practice
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Module 1

SharePoint for beginners

Quam is a process management app based on SharePoint. In this module you will learn the SharePoint basics needed to work with Quam.

  • SharePoint - What is it and how can SharePoint help in the working world?
  • The first steps and navigation in SharePoint
  • Basic terms and technical terms in SharePoint
  • Working in SharePoint with lists, libraries, documents and views
Target group:First-time users with and without SharePoint experience
Duration:4 hours
Unit price:600,00 €

Module 3

Quam 6.0 - What´s new?

In this module you will learn about all the new features of the new version and how to use them.

  • What's new in Quam?
  • DS-GVO module for a targeted development and adaptation of personal data processing processes
  • New functions in the Any-Relation-Matrix (XRM V2.0)
  • Working with the visually improved shapesets
  • Reference process recognition of reused and mutually referenced processes

Cpm in Quam

In this module you will learn project management functionalities in Quam 6.0.

  • Multi-project management for a clear definition, planning and control of projects
  • Enter contents into the Cpm: Create projects, execute projects, evaluate projects
  • To use the reports in Cpm
Target group:Quam editors with knowledge of Quam
Duration:8 hours
Unit price:860,00 €

Module 2

Quam Basics

In this module you will learn about the philosophy and technical implementation behind Quam.

  • Introduction to the Quam methodology - understand the system and learn the methodology
  • How does the structure of the data model work?
  • Storing content in Quam in a structured way - the modeling of structures, rules, IT systems, management systems and processes
Target group:Quam editors with previous knowledge of SharePoint
Duration:8 hours
Unit price:860,00 €

Module 4

Power User Training

In this module you will raise your Quam knowledge to an expert level.

  • Editing and customizing the data model - Integration of new SharePoint columns, lists and libraries
  • Web Part - Configurations
  • Adaptation of the shapesets - change drawing objects and add new ones
  • Administration of user permissions - which ones are there and how can they be changed
  • Systemic / configurative extensions in Quam
  • Search integration
Target group:Quam Power users and administrators
Duration:8 hours
Unit price:860,00 €


Nadine Becker
Sales Assistant
+49 391 40064-2380


22.-25. June 2020

Per appointment we offer
all the modules to you.
You decide whether you would like
to participate in one, several
or all modules.

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    About Quam 6.0

    With the release of Quam 6.0, Quam and Cpm are merged into one application. Within the scope of a software maintenance contract, the complete process management solution Quam 6.0 including the Cpm is available for installation and use to all Cpm customers.

    This is the first Business Relationship Management System of its kind!

    Learn more

    • Integrated project management

    Integration of extensive multi-project management functionalities for mutual referencing between projects and processes, structures, management systems, resources and locations.

    • Integrated Data Protection Management (DSM)

    Integration of the previously external DSGVO module via an extended data model and the provision of standard contents for the DSGVO, such as contents of the ordinance or the processing directory.
    This allows users to enter personal data and assign it to processes and processing systems, display it and evaluate it if required.

    • New Any-Relationship-Matrix

    Even simpler, faster and more feature-rich linking of organizational elements via the new Any-Relation-Matrix (XRM) through e.g. fixed table headers, drag-and-drop functionalities, additional icons, an improved search function and much more.

    • Support of process harmonization

    Sub-processes already used or referenced in other processes are now visible in the process diagram during process visualization and are directly linked by an interactive icon. Thereby, duplication of work can be avoided and already modelled processes can be applied.

    • Linking of existing systems of the company

    Quam 6.0 facilitates the linking of existing organizational and IT systems. Quam can thereby be used as a centralized management of decentralized organizational information, e.g. for linking to work tools, templates and forms or for accessing IT systems and HR information.

    • Design improvements and new shape sets

    Revision of the design and usability through further harmonization of design elements and functional views as well as a new, improved and intuitively differentiable shape set.


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